Professional software and firmware of high quality and maintainability
  1. Software

Software development

Error-free software is the basis for high availability in today's systems. We develop solutions individually tailored to you for all common software platforms. With our PDP, we focus on quality and maintainability from the very first project phase. Test and validation processes included in every phase ensure that this focus is always maintained, even under increased pressure. Our claim is robust software for a long product life.

Standard software or in-house developed codes? Find out in our article whether it makes sense to adapt already existing libarys into the project. 

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  • Relational databases such as SQLite | PostgreSQL | MySQL
  • Non-relational databases (NoSQL) such as Redis
  • Frameworks like Spring | Vaadin | Net | Castle | ORMs
  • IoT using Akka (microservices)
  • Cloud using Spring Cloud
  • Security like oauth2 | Spring-Security

By product development process

  • Use Cases
  • Specifications
  • Software architecture
  • Implementation
  • Bug fixes
  • Release